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Upcoming Event:
Camp Chester

Camp Chester is a Young Marines Alumni initiative hosted by National for Young Marines ages 8-12. This encampment is a fun- filled weekend with activities pertaining to basic and junior leadership skills and traits. Young Marines will have the opportunity to compete and earn ribbons. This encampment will be filled with fun, games, and laughter!

Camp Chester Logo.png

Event Details:

When is Camp Chester?

Camp Chester will be held during the summer of 2022! Details to come soon.

Who can attend Camp Chester?

Young Marines ages 8-12 at the start of the event can attend Camp Chester. This encampment will be open to Young Marines in Divisions 2 through 5. You must be a YM/Pvt or higher. This camp will be open to 100 students and will be looking for 10 Young Marines to staff, along with 20 Young Marines alumni.

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