The Results Are In...The Young Marines Develops Responsible, Engaged Citizens!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

As Young Marines Alumni, we know the Young Marines organization works. We see the mission accomplished everyday in the stories of successful alumni continuing to live productive lives as responsible citizens. Never before, however, had the Young Marines' mission been measured with quantitative data.

The Young Marines Alumni Association launched its Proof of Program (POP) Survey two years ago to gather data from alumni and how the Young Marines impacted their lives. The survey was so successful, it reached statistical significance; meaning the results are valid and are unlikely due to chance. The results were overwhelmingly in support of the program's positive impact!

The POP Survey delved into questions regarding the behavior of Young Marines Alumni including voting practices, community service, higher education, military service, and lifestyle. This data, combined with the individual stories of alumni, are key to prove the Young Marines accomplishes its mission.

The data will aid in program development and longevity to help ensure that children will be able to experience the Young Marines organization for years to come. The Young Marines National Foundation and Headquarters will use the data to help secure additional funding. Further, the survey provides some insight to help guide future operations of the Young Marines.

This could not have been possible without the support of all the Alumni who responded to the survey! We appreciate your support and it will make a difference! The Young Marines Alumni Association will be launching a second survey soon. Be sure to take the new survey here to continue to make a difference.