Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Feher

“I was able to excel because of my experience with the Young Marines”

Feher (left) with her Young Marines and Unit Commander at National Leadership Academy.

Jennifer Feher recently retired from the Young Marines as a Young Marine Gunnery Sergeant. In the program, she became one of the founding Young Marine Correspondents, where she learned key skills to help her report on Young Marine events. During her seven years in the program, Feher had many opportunities to learn the skills necessary for her to succeed in her next step in life: The Navy.

On December 20, 2019, Feher’s hard work and dedication paid off - she graduated from Navy boot camp. The eight weeks of long, difficult days seemed to go fast for Feher, who said that her work while she was in the Young Marines allowed her to pay attention to detail - something key to excelling in boot camp. Beyond that, subjects such as marching and rank structure came easy to Feher.

Feher in her Navy uniform after Graduating boot camp on December 20, 2019.

After the holidays are over, Feher will be leaving for “A” school for Boatswain Mate. While there, she will be learning how to tie knots on a ship, boat seamanship training, upkeep of a ship’s internal structure, and rigging.

Congratulations to Jennifer for graduating boot camp and becoming a part of the Navy! We appreciate her dedication of service to our country and are proud to count her as a registered member of the Young Marines Alumni Association.