Member Code of Conduct

               The success of the Young Marines Alumni Association (YMAA) in meeting its mission, depends largely on the interactions and contributions of a diverse network of members connecting, engaging, and inspiring on behalf of the YMAA. The YMAA strives to create programs and offer resources to support its membership and enhance their involvement in promoting the interests and values of the YMAA and the Young Marines (YM).

All members of the YMAA are expected to safeguard the interests of the YMAA and YM by acting as goodwill ambassadors for both organizations. To that end, the YMAA operates under this Member Code of Conduct (Code), applicable to all members whether or not serving within any official capacity of the YMAA. All members are required to acknowledge the YMAA Member Code of Conduct upon registration or re-registration and by doing so agree to abide by the expectations noted within, including any applicable penalties up to and including expulsion from the YMAA.



All YMAA members shall:

  • Interact with members, staff, volunteers, and youth of the YMAA and YM in a responsible, respectful, and professional manner, and avoid any discriminatory or harassing behavior directed toward any of these persons;

  • Use their best efforts to support the YMAA and the YM vision, mission, core values, and any other guiding principles adopted by either;

  • Strive to create satisfaction and enjoyment from your YMAA membership and interactions;

  • Contribute and adhere to appropriate and constructive discourse during YMAA or YM discussions, public or private, in a positive, courteous, and respectful manner;

  • Refrain from undermining in any way the specific positions, policies, or principles of the YMAA or YM;

  • Adhere to the principle that the YMAA and YM Chairman or Executive Directors are designated as the specific spokespersons of their respective organization, and will refer all requests for comment on YMAA or YM matters to the Chairman or Executive Director;

  • Avoid misrepresenting their authority to act as an agent or spokesperson of the YMAA or YM in any third party interactions;

  • Refrain from utilizing their YMAA or YM affiliation to benefit any one person or third party without the appropriate approval of the YMAA Advisory Council;

  • Maintain their annual YMAA membership in good standing as determined by the YMAA policies.


This Code cannot be all inclusive, and any acts or omissions by an YMAA member that are destructive or bring discredit to either the YMAA or YM shall constitute a violation of this Code.

Member Code of Conduct Violations

Any member of the YMAA or YM should report their reasonable suspicion or knowledge of any act committed against the best interests of the YMAA or YM, or in violation of this Code, to the YMAA Chair or Executive Director. Upon receipt of such a report, the Advisory Council shall appoint an ad hoc Ombuds Committee to investigate the conduct reported and make a recommendation to the Advisory Council concerning the validity of the report and any disciplinary action necessary, up to and including expulsion from the YMAA.


The mission of the Young Marines Alumni Association is to be a vital partner in the success of the Young Marines! Through meaningful engagement and the support of lifelong connections, the Young Marines Alumni Association aims to strengthen all Young Marines - past, present, and future.

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