The Young Marines Alumni Association leadership team consists of diverse backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to assisting the Executive Director in creating vision for the program, and in carrying out that vision.

Jason Asbill, J.D./M.P.A
Executive Director

Jason was a Young Marine from 1995-2004 with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office unit in New Orleans, where he achieved the rank of YM/ Sergeant Major and was selected as the 2003-2004 National Young Marine of the Year. He went on to serve as an Adult Volunteer in Louisiana and Arkansas. He also served as an intern for the Young Marines in the summer of 2005. Since retirement from the Young Marines, he has earned a Master’s in Public Administration and Doctor of Jurisprudence. Jason opened his own law firm and is a practicing attorney and certified mediator in the New Orleans area. In 2018, Jason was elected Councilman for the City of Harahan where he lives with his wife, Tiffani, and two children, Cooper and Camille. 


Walter T. Oliff II

Deputy Director

Walter was a Young Marine from 2004 to 2012 with the Quantico and the Orlando Devil Dogs units. He achieved the rank of YM/MGySgt, was a Top 10 Graduate of Advanced Leadership School and was selected as the 2012 Director’s Choice. Walter currently holds a Bachelor's in Finance from the University of Central Florida and works at Lockheed Martin as a member of the Finance Leadership Development Program.



The Advisory Council is made up of Young Marines stakeholders from varying backgrounds and experiences. Advisors provide guidance to the Executive Director and help steer the organization's long-term vision.


Kimberly Fail, M.Ed.


Kimberly was a Young Marine with the Delaware County unit in Pennsylvania from 1996-2003.  She attained the rank of YM/SgtMaj. and was a Jimmy Trimble Scholarship recipient. Kimberly graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors in Elementary Education in Multi-Cultural Settings, earned a Master's of Education with a focus in Special Education. Kimberly has held several teaching and leadership positions with the Philadelphia Schools where she currently teaches. She also developed and implemented a school bullying program.

SgtMaj. David Auwen, USMCR


David was a Young Marine from 1987-1995 where he attained the rank of YM/SgtMaj. As a Young Marine, he played a pivotal role in the authorization of Young Marines to wear versions of dress uniforms. Since his youth, David has advanced through the ranks of the Marine Corps to attain the rank of SgtMaj and currently serves in the Marines Forces Reserves as Battalion Sergeant Major for 1st Battalion, 24th Marines. Additionally, he works for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the intelligence field. David lives in Michigan with his wife and three children.


Christopher Chinchilla


Chris served in the  Marine Corps from 2003-2007 as a military police specialist with HMX-1, the President’s helicopter squadron, where he attained the rank of Sgt. He has a BA in Creative Writing and English and is a published fiction writer and playwright. Chris became an Adult Volunteer in 2012 with the Antelope Valley unit, as Training Officer and then as Executive Officer. He is now the Unit Commander of Quartz Hill Young Marines, which he founded in 2016 and was recognized as the  2018 Division 6 Unit of the Year. Chris lives in California with his wife, Tritia, and their daughter, Ellie.


Bryson Bell

Young Alumni Advisor

Bryson was a Young Marine from 2014-2019 with the Rutherford County Young Marines in Tennessee. He achieved the rank of YM/ MGySgt, honor graduate of the Advanced Leadership School, two time recipient of Alumni inspire award, and was selected as the 2019 Directors Choice. Bryson is a student at the University of Mississippi where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and is a proud member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.


Jeremy Jones

YMHQ Liaison



The Staff Council are volunteers who assist the Executive Director in carrying out the mission of the Alumni Association by managing the daily operations.


Brittany Schmidt

Engagement Coordinator

Brittany was a Young Marine with the Southeast Wisconsin unit from 1998-2008 where she attained the rank of YM/SgtMaj. She distinguished herself as the 2007-08 National Young Marine of the Year and is a recipient of the Distinguished Order of Merit. Brittany currently works at the Racine Zoo where she serves as an education coordinator while she finishes her degree in Education at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Brittany serves her local unit as an adult volunteer. She has three children and a step son who is now a Young Marine.


Elizabeth Reichow

Logistics Coordinator

Elizabeth Reichow has been involved with the Young Marines program since her son was a Young Marine in 2004. She serves as the LCpl Buesing unit commander, Echo battalion executive officer and 1st Florida Regiment adjutant. 


1LT Casey Scott, USAR

Special Projects Coordinator

Casey was a Young Marine from 2002-2012 with the Quantico unit.  Casey distinguished himself as the 2010-2011 National Young Marine of the Year.  After retiring from the Young Marines, Casey went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Virginia Tech and commissioned in the US Army Reserve.  Casey currently works for the U.S. Department of State.


Ellie Trahern

Graphic Specialist

Ellie was a Young Marine from 2011-2018 with the Rogue Valley unit in Oregon. She achieved the rank of YM/MGySgt. Ellie distinguished herself as a Young Marine Public Affairs Correspondent and attended the first such course in the Young Marines. She also made the annual journey to Guam and Iwo Jima. Ellie is currently pursuing her bachelor's degrees in Political Science and English.


Nicholas Renouff

Social Media Manager

Nicholas was a Young Marine in the JPSO from 2005 to 2008, he is also an Adult Volunteer for the Plaquemine's Parish Sheriff's Office Young Marines Unit. He is currently working to obtain a marketing degree and plans to graduate from University of New Orleans. Nicholas wants to support small businesses in New Orleans as a marketing manager or public relations manager. 


Celeste Hamper

Public Affairs Officer

Celeste Hamper was a Young Marine with Ashtabula County unit from 2008-2018 where she achieved the rank of YM/MGySgt. She was a recipient of the Distinguished Order of Merit. Celeste currently is working towards her bachelors degree at John Carroll University in Communication with a concentration in Integrated Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She serves at her local unit as Training Officer and is a Public Affairs Correspondent for her Division. 

Jessica Rivera