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Alumni Leadership Awards

The Young Marines Alumni Leadership (YMAA) awards are a peer awarded honor. Representing the YMAAs core values of Connect, Engage, and Inspire, peers of each leadership school choose who they believe has met their schools corresponding core value the best.

Connect: Junior Leadership School

Engage: Senior Leadership School

Inspire: Advanced Leadership School

Leadership School Directors, please click HERE to fill out the form to bring the Alumni Leadership School Awards to your school.

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Making connections with others is an important skill to becoming a junior leader. The JLS Alumni Connect Award recognizes a student who has excelled at making those connections.



A leader must be engaging to ensure her subordinates stay focused on a lesson or mission. The SLS Alumni Engage Award recognizes that student who best engages with others.

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An important skill for an advanced leader is the ability to inspire others, both subordinates and peers alike, to become better leaders. The ALS Alumni Inspire Award recognizes the most inspiring student.

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